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The Bunk Room

Although deceiving, the lighthouse does have a full basement tucked into the platform upon which it sits and like the rest of the floors, the basement has a generous 11’ tall ceiling. So there’s plenty of space downstairs for adding another guest room, now affectionately referred to as “the Bunk Room.”

The Bunk Room houses two sets of full-sized bunk beds providing lots of extra sleeping space for guests – probably children who want their own space away from their parents. And like many basements, this one is the coolest room in the lighthouse, so it provides very nice sleeping conditions. It is currently decorated in naval signal flag décor -- a nod to the boating, shipping and maritime commerce that’s so important on the Great Lakes. If you don’t know your naval flag symbols ( , you may want to study up!

From what I’ve been able to discern, the Bunk Room originally was used to store coal for the furnace that heated the lighthouse. The two trap doors that make up part of the ceiling were opened and coal was dropped from the floor above using the large chain wench. It was likely that coal came by ship to the East side of the lighthouse and was hoisted in via the original beam that cantilevered outside through the East facing double doors.

As for the rest of the basement space, there’s a small room off the Bunk Room where the only toilet in the house is located. I hope to install a sink and shower as well once the water issues have been resolved. There’s another small nook down there that I have claimed as a wine cellar with the hope of establishing a communal “leave one, take one” collection of wine from far and wide. There’s also a room that previously functioned as the cistern with just a small opening located about seven feet off the ground. The remaining space on that level houses a work bench and will be used for additional equipment such as a water heater once it is installed.

Like the other rooms in the lighthouse, the Bunk Room has plaster walls that have been repainted in a bright white. Its cement floor has gotten a new coat of “battleship” gray floor paint. There are a few more decorative items and clothing storage space en route, but in the meantime, the Bunk Room is ready for business. Ahoy!

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